Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Polar Plunge Bath

The October heat in Mumbai is sizzling. The heat is on and the time to hallucinate about colder climes is here.
To assist me is the Cinthol ‘Alive is Awesome bathing experience’ ad that is the catalyst to transport me to a place where I can chill the summer heat in a pool that is -10*C. Yes you read it right!

The rush hour has begun as I rush to the railway station to catch the crowded local train to work. After having elbowed in successfully, I manage to get hold of one of the straps to hang onto for the rest of my 

twenty minute journey in the hot can. To overcome the heat and the boredom I have devised a plan to forget the heat and the commute and go to a place in my mind where chill rules! Yes you got it right! The Polar Plunge Bath! This bath is in a pit in the snow with an average temp of -10*C. This bathing adventure can be experienced in Canada, Iceland, Antarctica and Greenland and cannot be done alone. You need people to help you get out in time of the Chilly Pool.
It is one of my dream destinations and use it to cool my mind in the sweltering October heat of Mumbai. Believe me; just thinking about it is awesome. Hope I can do it someday!
On my wishlist – The Polar Plunge Bath! Watch a video prepared by Cinthol.


  1. This is called the free-20-minute-massage in the train :) :) :)



  2. Lovely article. the picture said it all. It's really a plunge to travel across Mumbai through the Local ! :) But the beauty of Bombay as they say it, is best seen through the eyes of the local train :) Take care friend!

  3. So true! Mumbai locals would definitely make anyone to plunge in that Polar Plunge bath. :D
    Take me along when you go there! :P

  4. Do not under estimate the -10C my friend, even 3C is making me freeze over :)
    Good luck!

  5. That is the experience! Well said. However, I was wondering if you had discovered some place nearer to Mumbai when I started reading the post!

  6. Mumbai's heat and the local trains! You do need a break of this kind. :)
    Nice pictures of the commercial capital's life blood.

  7. I had traveled by the Mumbai local some 6 years back my ....can never forget the experience was fun in a way :)

  8. You brought back a lot of memories of Mumbai trains. Seems fun in flashback :-).

  9. Are not you smart to use a ad to escape rush, dust and heat. Loved the first picture :)