Wednesday, April 23, 2014


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For me, Panchgani had always been either a transit point or a place to visit strawberry fields and shoot the breeze on the tableland.
Last month we decided to visit Panchgani and spend a couple of nights and enjoy whatever the place has on offer.
Panchgani has been famous for its residential academic institutions where a lot of parents, from neighbouring urban sprawls like Mumbai and Pune, sent their children to be groomed into adulthood.
Panchgani is very laid back as compared to its happening neighbour Mahabaleshwar hence frequented only by those who wish to unwind by going for long walks, listening to bird song and 

eating delicious omelettes in ‘Lucky Store and Bakery’ and parathas in Akbarallys or maybe drive 

down for a Parsi meal to the homely restaurant ‘Rustam’s Strawberry Inn’ on the road to 

One place that should not be missed is the Mapro Garden on the road to Mahabaleshwar. It is very 

beautifully maintained and you can pick up your stock of squashes and juices of fresh berries apart from the visit to the wonderful chocolate factory in the complex.
Anytime of the day you feel bored or feel like inhaling fresh air, just go for a walk on the tableland. 

If you like to ride horses, you can do that too or if you feel like going for a ride in the horse cart, 

even that is possible! The options are available for whichever way you wish to spend your time.
Then there are stalls selling the famous corn patties which are yummy to be followed by 

strawberries with fresh or ice cream! Heaven!
Panchgani has me hooked. Shall visit again soon!! You should too!
We stayed in Millennium Hotel which is behind the tableland and not on the main road but we loved it for its ‘away, but there’ location. There are quite a few accommodation options available to suit all types of budgets.

By road Panchgani is just 95kms from Pune and 250kms from Mumbai. Pune and Mumbai are well connected by air, rail and road, nationally and internationally.