Monday, October 8, 2012

Alive is awesome - in Kolad!

The ferocious October heat of Mumbai wants me to go back to Kolad and jump in the Kundalika river as to be Alive is Awesome Bathing experience.
River rafting is a round the year activity in Kolad and is just a couple of hours away from Mumbai. At specific times the water is released from the Bhira dam and the flow of the water is to be seen to be believed.
You can book a river rafting ride with any of the many adventure outfits that operate out there. Once done, you will be picked up at the appointed time and taken to the point from where your rafting begins. A briefing is given on the dos and don’ts while river rafting. All are given an oar and told how to use it.
Having woken up late, had not taken a bath that morning and all the way to the rafting launch point I was reminded of it. The instructor however told all my tormentors that I had done the right thing as he would show us what an Alive is Awesome Bathing experience!
Hahaha, I sure was happy to hear that as that shut the mouths of all the smart alecks who had their boring baths in the Hotel showers. I mean, come on standing under the shower daily can get to be so repetitive and boring. Especially when you are on the verge of going river rafting, a jump into the river would be so much more invigorating and refreshing. It would actually bring you alive! The weather was hot and humid and we were sweating just standing there listening to the instructions. I was just waiting for the action to begin.
By the time the instructions were over we could hear a siren that went off signalling the opening of the 

floodgates! It was the birds that led the charge of the water brigade! And soon the water came gushing and had our adrenaline rushing. I rushed to the edge to check the temperature of the flowing water and phew... it was cold!

Now I looked forward to the refreshing experience of bathing in the chilly Kundalika river!
We were alloted places in the raft and we boarded accordingly and off we went with the fast and furious Kundalika river! Soon we saw other rafts joining in the fun and games. I was eagerly waiting to jump into the river for my bath but had to wait for the instructor’s signal to do so. We all had the mandatory life jackets; hence there were no worries of drowning.  

The raft was sailing smooth in the fast flowing water and suddenly there came a dip and whoosh... the raft dipped and came up again with the wave. We had a couple of more dips and then the raft steadied and then the moment I was waiting for arrived! The instructor shouted Jump! And i jumped, oar and all. Brrrrrr..... was the water chilly..
I threw the oar back into the raft and swam, floated around for a while, dipped my head under the cold river water and man was it refreshing! Wow!
‘Come on up, come on up’ shouted the instructor and had to get back into the raft.

It was surely the most refreshingly awesome bath i ever had. As the Cinthol ad says it was ‘Alive is Awesome Bathing experience’!

You can watch the awesome bathing experience on video too!


  1. It has been ages since I went rafting, that too with college friends, this is nudging me towards planning one rafting trip soon...

  2. I would love to do something like that!!!!!!

    Adventurous and refreshing.....

  3. I have never been able to do the same... i guess lot of things need to be done for the first time.

  4. Oh wow! What an awesome experience! Invigorating!

  5. I can only imagine how wonderfully thrilling it must have felt.

    Great post.

  6. That must have been thrilling...surely you had a great vacation! I have never heard of this place.
    Great travelogue!

  7. The river looks magnificient. What an experience.

  8. Awesome is the word :D :D

  9. Mr Travel Magic, so happy to see a change of style. I enjoyed reading it. At least I felt a change. Was there not?

    1. Thank you Nandan. Glad you liked it. Yes there is a change and hopefully for the better :)

  10. That seems like a lovely experience.

  11. Rafting... Yeaaah.. I enjoyed the experience in Rishikesh few years back! Loved the whole feel of it, water splashing on face with river moving our rafts up and down, then jumping into the river just as you did and going with the flow in real sense :D and then cliff jumping! you must go to Rishikesh too smtime and I will find ways to jump into Kundalika river :D

  12. That was adventurous!

  13. Even I had been there in September..its a great getaway from Pune too..check my views on the place here

  14. Should have been a beautiful experience.

  15. Lovely photos with very interesting write up... I think i have to go for rafting again...