Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zestful event in Goa

A week back I got an invitefrom Blogadda to spend a Zestful weekend in Goa. It was an offer I could not refuse as it involved test driving the two new offerings in the Tata Motors stable – Zest Petrol with a 1.2T Revotron engine with a 5 speed manual gear shift and the Zest diesel with a Quadrajet 1.3 engine which is an Automatic gear shift car. And all this while I would be pampered in five star comforts of Hotel Zuri in Varca, Goa.

We were flown to Goa by Blogadda on Jet Airways and on arrival in Goa we were met by a Blogherder from Tata Motors who herded all us bloggers into an airconditioned coach which got us to the Hotel Zuri where we were welcomed with the traditional tikka and processed through to our rooms very professionally by the Hotel and the Blogadda staff.

Once we checked in, we refreshed ourselves and went for lunch where we started the process of meeting up with all the bloggers who were in touch virtually but had never met up for a number of years. It was sure a great pleasure.

The Zest was very much in evidence as before we could say Blogadda or TataMotors it was time for a Blogadda meet up in the conference room for a general familiarisation of what we are in for.
Then we had an hour to be on our own when we went with our new ‘real’ friends and old ‘virtual’ friends for a walk on the huge property of the Hotel Zuri and then onto the beach but could not possibly wait to capture the sunset as we had to be back for a Zesty session with the Marketing, Design and Engineering Heads responsible for the creation of the two wonderful products.
Back in the conference room we had a wonderful time interacting with the Tata Motorheads! They did not shy from answering any questions that came their way showing their confidence of their products. The icing on the cake was a brief talk about the cars by none other than Narain Karthikeyan!

This zested up our appetite and soon we were fine dining on some Goan delicacies and other cuisines laid out for us.
Back to our rooms and beds with the thought of getting up early next morning for the nice long test drives in the machines we had heard so much about.

So off we went after a sumptuous breakfast for a drive in the Petrol and Diesel versions around a green Goa where the narrow streets were bordered by greenery and more greenery and quaint little chapels and churches.

On our return from the drive we were eager to share our experiences with the world at large so made use of the time before lunch to blog this just for you!!

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