Sunday, June 13, 2021

Ride to lakes around Mumbai - 3. Khand

Soon after the first wave of Covid19, when the travel curbs were eased and everything seemed going back to normal, we (my nephew on his Kawasaki Z650 and me on my Royal Enfield 500) rode to Khand lake which is around 120 kms from Mumbai and can be reached either by Western Express Highway or the Eastern Express Highway. We rode via the Western Express Highway upto Manor from where you have to turn into the interior single lane road and the last couple of kilometres is a bit of off-roading but fun.

Carry your breakfast with you, have it at the lake in beautiful surroundings and carry back your trash.

Here are a few pictures followed by a short video of the ride. Enjoy.

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  1. Hari OM
    Another joyous ridealong - including herding goats! &*> YAM xx

  2. That view is worth the drive!! I love those old rock steps. Makes me wonder what are for.

    1. The steps lead one to the floodgates of the dam.