Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Camping getaway

Had been reading a lot about some great camping getaways from Mumbai. Finally we decided on this fabulous place called Sahyadri camping in Wai, on the banks of the Krishna River. What more can one ask for? Tents on the banks of a river and easily accessible creature comforts like proper toilets to ensure that the environment is cared for. They also have facilities to cook for you or if you wish you can light up a bonfire and have a cook up outside your tent. All this for very reasonable pricing.
We rode out on a Saturday morning and since the distance to the camping grounds was not much and 

we did not want to reach too early, we rode on to Panchgani and gorged on Pizza and thick 

strawberry shakes in the amazing Mapro garden, before heading out to Wai which was just about 20kms away. The ride was amazing. Generally good roads and pleasant weather to up our spirits.

Had a lovely time setting up our tents followed by a bonfire and a dinner that we cooked of our outdoor favourite – Maggi noodles!

The morning after was spectacular. As I unzipped the tent flap, the view blew me off. Could have 

spent a long long time sitting there but had to get back home too, to ride to yet another piece of heaven elsewhere, some other time.
Soon we wrapped up and started on the return journey. Stopped at a quaint little café on the way 

where tea was served in eco-friendly earthenware cups and there was a swing fashioned by aerial 

roots in the compound.
Click on the link below for a short clip of our ride.


  1. Chai looks yum and the swing is so inviting - in the lap of nature, beneath the bargad tree

  2. So interesting! Placing this location on my to visit list. Thanks for sharing

  3. Hari OM
    Always love these ridalongs with you Deepak... the roving spirit in me is a little green with envy! YAM xx

  4. Interesting journey, wish i could join.

  5. Looks like you had a great trip with your friends 👍 Impressed with the short clip,nicely captured 👍 👍 👍. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Have been to Wai but didnt know about the camping facilities.

    1. You must go camping there for the great experience!

  7. Have been to Wai but didnt know about the camping facilities.

  8. I can feel the taste of those chai. when i use to travel via train to silchar. There is a station called haflong and their i use to taste those chai in those earth mugs. hey taste amazingly supreb
    Boomerang Moments

  9. What a nice camping<<<!