Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kollur Mookambika

Thirty kilometres inland from Byndoor on the Western coast, on top of on a spur of the Kodachadri peak on the Western Ghats, in Kollur, there is a very popular temple dedicated to
Mookambika Devi. The goddess is called Mookambika as she is said to have slain the demon Mookasura.
The goddess is described as in the form of a jyotirlinga incorporating both Shiva and Shakti. The panchaloha image of the goddess on Shri Chakra is stated to have been consecrated by Shri Adi Shankaracharya. She is said to be a manifestation of trigunas or triple forms. Around the chief shrine of Mookambika, there are many other shrines.
One of them is a Panchamukhi Ganesha.
As per Wikipedia :-
Legend goes that a Maharishi (monk) Kola was enchanted with nature’s beauty and decided to perform a penance on a rock near the Agnitheertham. Lord Shiva, delighted with Kola, appeared before him and blessed him. The Maharishi wished for the welfare of mankind and nothing else. The Lord, happy with Kola, granted him his wish. He assured that a swayambu (autogenetic) Linga would appear for his daily worship. However, Kola wanted to worship Devi also. So, a swarna rekha (gold line) appeared on the Lingam, signifying Shakti. Thus, Shiva and Shakti are worshipped together in the Lingam. Besides this, a unique feature is that the other Gods and Goddess of the Hindu pantheon also believed to reside in aroopa (non-form) in the Linga. It is thus believed to be an abode of the entire celestial congregation.
It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya had a vision of Sri Mookambika Devi and installed the deity here. The legend goes that Adi Shankara meditated at Kodachadri hills and Devi incarnated before him asking for his wish. He revealed his wish to install the Devi idol in a place in Kerala to worship where he wanted. Devi agreed but put forward a challenge that she will follow Shankara and he should not look back till he reaches his destination. But to test Shankara, Devi deliberately stopped the voice of her anklets when they reached Kollur whereupon Shankara turned and looked back because of doubt. Devi then asked Shankara to install her vigraha, just as he sees her, at that very location in Kollur.
The road is through a densely forested area making the drive very pleasant.
Apparently it is a rich temple as is evident from a gold plated pillar outside the temple as also a
Gold plated Chariot for the Goddess.
There also is a drum, fashioned from a tree trunk, that was hung with reverence to be used on special occasions.
Though this temple is in Karnataka it is considered as one of the must visit temples for Keralites, especially when the child starts getting formal education.
To see more pictures of Kollur please click here


  1. Nice temple . Prasadam served at lunch is simply superb .

  2. This is one of the temples I have wanted to see for very long. Wonder when the goddess will call me. Were you not allowed to take pics of the shrine? They usually don't in temples in the south.

  3. zephyr.. you are right. No photography allowed inside the main shrine

  4. Nice post....loved the pic of the panchamukhi Ganesh.

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  6. Beautiful temple .Have got no words for Panchmukhi Ganesha ,just my naman.Thanks for the story related to it .I am going to check more pictures now .

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  8. I love the story behind Mookambika and the setting of the temple looks fantastic in the Ghats!

    I wonder what the area must be like during procession time - I would love to see the goddess paraded on the chariot! A great set of photos and a nice trip :)

  9. Marvellous and outstanding place!The picture of Ganesh ji was really great.Nice data of the traveled place

  10. very interesting :) the drum is indeed one of a kind. haven't seen any quite like it.

  11. I was told that the temple was under the administrative control of Travancore/Cochin State. Good one.

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