Thursday, October 28, 2010

Drivearound Bengaluru - A photoblog

A photoblog of a drivearound Bengaluru during the Dasara festival in Oct,2010.
Sanky tank on a cloudy evening where we had gone to meet up with a passionate travel blogger Lakshmi who blogs at A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker Cormorants nesting on the tree on the periphery of Sanky Lake Ducks chilling in the lake Chowdiah Memorial Hall - a violin shaped auditorium for musical concerts, opposite the Sanky Lake. A statue of the Maratha warrior King Shivaji, outside the Sanky Lake
Vidhan Soudha - the seat of power in Bengaluru! The lofty ideals to be upheld in the Vidhan Soudha
Vikas Soudha - the new extension of Vidhan Soudha
The impressive entrance to the High Court of Karnataka, opposite the Vidhan Soudha
The High Court of Karnataka
Cubbon Park - a beautiful place to spend quality time walking around amidst all the greenery
and also pick up a couple of books to read from the library there!
The Golf links with high nets all around to prevent the ball from getting onto the street!
The General Post Office St.Josephs College The Dasara celebrations of the Bengali Goldsmiths in Bengaluru One of the many similar temples in Bengaluru
Another temple with a parrot!
One of the oldest and world famous MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Rooms - the place for South Indian food! Lalbagh Botanical Gardens - Heavenly! Ticket counters to get in the Lalbagh Park Unique! Creative! Glasshouse Japanese garden entrance in the Lalbagh Park Floral clock but time stands still :) A tower marking the southern boundary of Bengaluru built by Kempe Gowda in 1500s on a 3million year old rock. A view from the rock UB city - an iconic landmark Dropped in here for an Italian bite and had Ravioli Italiana. Was good but their toilets were stinking with the urinal overflowing.
8th Cross in Malleshwaram - a hotspot for traditional shopping The City Toilet House selling toiletries! Almost all the streets are nicely treelined like the one above! Canara Union in the evening all lit up for the Durga Puja The entrance to the pandal The object of celebration! The decoration at the Palace Grounds Puja Pandal The Indian rope trick in the pandal Thank you folks! Hope you enjoyed the virtual Bengaluru tour as much as I enjoyed presenting!


  1. What a marvelous trip you had! And your photos are superb as always! The very next best thing to being there! And how fun you were able to meet up with Lakshmi!! Terrific! Have a great weekend!

  2. Reference to your observation in Casa Italiana urinals. I have a rule while driving / travelling on National highways. Eat at dhabhas where maximum number of trucks/trailors are parked and use toilet where no vehicles are parked!!!

  3. @daseja this was not on a highway. this was in the heart of metropolitan Bangalore!

  4. How many days were you there? Excellent pictures. Lakshmi is also looking beautiful. :)

    I have photos of some of these places but never got time to post. :(

  5. Oh I dream to visit!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral


  6. I savored every bit of this blog. It was as though I journeyed with you, Deepak. Of course, I could not taste the wonderful food or hear the sounds and feel the excitement but I so enjoyed the wonderful photography. It satiates my hunger for India just a little bit.

  7. very nice deepak ji, i have to visit this place ...god willing

  8. WOW Deepakji,
    thanks for giving me a virtual tour of Bengaluru..
    Your travelogue complete wid Monuments, MTR and gardens has made Bengaluru look mouth watering..
    Have been there but never visited all the beautiful places you showcased!
    Now I know what I should do when in bangalore the next time!!!
    Till then Ill go visit ur post once more! :D

  9. Nice captures, almost like a virtual tour of the once upon a time Garden City.

  10. Bengalaru looks like a fantastic city - I have a cousin who used to go there a lot on business and he loves it, particularly as it is a green city as you pointed out. I really like the park, but why can't you walk on the grass - that's no fun!

    A fantastic travelogue!

  11. wow..what a virtual tower of Bangalore..and thanks for the picture missed out on the drenched bit..

  12. Touring the city -was enjoyable-good pictures!

  13. Namaskara! My middle daughter is studying Suzuki violin; I specifically remember driving by the VIOLIN performance hall when I was in Bengaluru in February 2009! As well as the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens and many other places on this posting!

  14. Great photos! I have never seen a spit bin quite that large. What exactly was the "use me" thing for?

  15. @Jen The 'use me' is a trash can :)asking all the litterbugs to use it for dumping trash

  16. Great pictures...the feel of Bengaluru come thru

  17. oh the sights and smells of home... loved the pics of namma ooru :)

  18. oh the sights and smells of home... loved the pics of namma ooru :)

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  20. if im ever to b'lore, will pukka check out all the spots u have shared here. lovely and informative pot!